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New year, new friends

Since it's the new year, I thought it was time for another round of new friends!
This past month, I found myself on days that I wasn't updating. But don't worry, I update frequently & I comment as much as I can.

Name: Holly, but (mostly) everyone calls me Della
Age: 20
Location: Orlando, FL

I post about my everyday life, parties, friends, books, movies, music. I randomly write poems/short stories as well. You will also see a scattering of pictures & what not.
I try to live my life as drama-free as possible, but it's inevitable in everyone's life at some point.

But, I don't take shit from people & I'm not a rug.
Though, I'm currently in a relationship I no longer want to be in, I love him & I talk about him often. I'm trying to find my way down this long road. And figure out what I truly want in life.

I smoke pot, drink & I sometimes do other stuff on special occasions. I'm not an addict & I'm not a druggie. Don't judge me & I won't judge you. I know what addiction is & that's just not me.

My head is full of riddles and weird stuff. I'm the kind of girl who just does because she wants to. I don't let anything hold me back.

Here is a random picture of me:

My Myspace is in my Userinfo, if you wanna see more. Wayyyy too lazy to show anymore =P


Movies: Almost Famous, The Labyrinth, My Cousin Vinny. The Dark Crystal, Beetlejuice, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising, The Silence of the Lambs, Son-In-Law, Encino Man, Biodome (anything with Pauly Shore), Jay & Silent Bob movies, Repo: The Genetic Opera, etc.

T.V: Dexter, True Blood, White Collar, Family Guy, Chowder, South Park, Degrassi, Grounded for Life, Bored to Death, etc.

Books: Harry Potter, Anita Blake series, Vampire Academy series, House of Night series, Cirque Du Freak, The Outsiders, Where the Red Fern Grows, Wings, Tithe, Valiant, Ironside, Gemma Doyle trilology, etc.

Wanna be friends? Add me & comment here or in my Journal. I should add you back, though I probably wont if your journal is way too new.

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