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Introduce myself

hi there...i have been in this site for more than a year..and i still don't have any friends..because..
i was busy..with screaming my thoughts to myself...so..here..
i'm drkkizzes12 ..and i hope you add me up so i can introduce myself formally.

i'm 15.
i like reading books a lot! FICTION rules!
i love playing the piano..and i would want to be more skilled on it..so i'm looking for a friend/piano teacher? is that okay?!
i have a wild imagination..because..i also write.
i write fics at fanfiction.net, maybe i'm not that good yet but i get reviews so yeah.
i like animes....especially reverse harem types..i kinda don't like those smut thingys.
i love reading mangas...manwah..anything..lol
i live in the philippines..

soo..i'm not good in introducing myself..so i hope..you can add me up! thanks!


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