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My name is Kym, and yes, K-y-m. I'm seventeen years old, eighteen in March. I live in a super small town (600 people, in summer about 900... cottage/tourist town) in Ontario, Canada. I'm in my last year of High School and I'm looking forward to getting out, as much as I enjoy going to school.
I'm really into social activism and such. I'm basically a big hippie at heart. I've been vegetarian for four years this coming May, and I'm hugely compassionate towards animals. I also went to Kenya this summer on a Free the Children trip to build a school in rural Kenya. I'm still all up on that, so a lot of my posts are me rambling about how I miss it there.
I basically live off of Seinfeld re-runs. best show ever in my opinion. I also like Dexter, the Office, Supernatural, Paranormal State, and some other time killers.
I'm a big Skate 4 Cancer supporter as well. I've met the lovely Rob Dyer six times. I love going to visit him whenever I can, and we chit chat forever.
I'm a big music fan. My two favourite bands are Bright Eyes & illScarlett. Two totally different bands, I know. I'm really into the Canadian scene, so there's a lot of little Canadian bands I adore. My last fm is pretty ridiculous.
Uhhhh, I post pretty much every day. It's always personal things, what I did that day, what I'm feeling, rants, vents, that kind of stuff. You'll have to excuse some of my posts, I'm going through a rough time at home at the moment.

But yes, I ramble lots, and love to talk. So add me if you're wanting to. :3

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