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i'm loud, unintentionally bossy, a bit of a slow-thinker, a pessimist though i like happy things, addicted to romance because of my somewhat non-existent love life, continuously on the look-out at a chance to trip someone, and many other things.

i tend to disappear for quite some time only to suddenly reappear then start bombarding lj with many spontaneous posts. i dont really expect much comments or anything, just a little company. i'm not really one to say much or anything, so you cant really expect me to comment on every single post i see - but i always comment on posts that do interest me somewhat.

i need someone who understands that and wont go on a big fucking rampage if i disappear for like, two weeks or so. i also dislike people who are depressed at least 80% of the time, i'd prefer annoying little wieners who'd go around dancing in their undies and happy shit than emotionally retarded people, thanks ---because i'm sort of an annoying little wiener too.

if you happen to be okay with all these awful inconveniences, i'd be happy for an add :)

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