Angela Kittzen (mebeangi) wrote in add_me,
Angela Kittzen

I have confessions

I start my last semester of undergraduate work on Tuesday, graduating in May with a BA in Communication and a minor in Geography. Hopefully have a great summer and then start graduate school in August, working towards my Masters in Geography. Im 23, have a boyfriend and am an only child.

I write about anything and everything: what's going on in my life, my delicious party girl past, issues that are bothering me, random shit that pops into my mind, etcetera etcetera.

I can be controversial and I may even piss you off. I can act like the world revolves around me and that I'm the only one in the world who has this problem *shrugs* but everyone can be like that.

I don't judge people-who the hell am I to judge you.

I'm just one in 6 point 8 billion people, living her life and documenting it.

Add me?

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