Lola. (lolasayswhat) wrote in add_me,

Hey all :)

I stick with the loving nickname Lola and I'm from the currently freezing Midwest. I'm sixteen but don't let that affect your perceptions. I recently cut my flist in half, so I'm here to beg for your attention. I'm a typical creativity addicted student biding my time until I can move up and out. I love real conversations and trampolines. If we met in real life I would give you a balloon and a hug. Music in general and going to shows makes up a huge part of my life; I like a lot of music that's considered bad by the music journalists, even though I want to be one. I really like to smile, and though my entries might be boring at times I try to keep it interesting and keep my friends involved. I comment as much as I can (school five days a week and a part time job, with gasp! real socializing in between) and I'm honest-I'll support you but I won't flatter you.

I'm going to New York in February and I can already tell it will be the highlight of my life so far. I love aesthetics: beautiful images, typography, design, making videos, etc. Fashion magazines, good books, and clutching my ipod take up a lot of my time. I'm not a fan of anime, fanfiction, or sci-fi, so if we seem to have drastically different interests we might not have much to comment on. That being said, I try welcome everyone no matter what, so hopefully we all get some new friends!


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