datswatshesaid (datswatshesaid) wrote in add_me,

I just made this journal and I would like some friends

I had another one (absolutdunja) but I deleted it
Some info about me:

-My name is dunja (pronounced done-ya)
-I'm a libra scorpio cusp, taurus moon cancer ascendant
- in vedic astrology I'm a libra sun, aries moon, cancer ascendant
- I am 21 years old
- I'm Croatian and speak it
- I'm currently getting out patient care and I've been on the anti-psychotic zyprexa which is making me gain weight, and it frustrates me because I am really anal about my weight
- I don't know when my illness or disorder is gonna be diagnosed
- I have a dog bella (she's a boxer)
- I like all kinds of music, literaly, but love classic rock, rap, and anything I already know the words to
- I am bored alot, still livw at home, and my life is kind of a mess... I hope writing will help me cope

add me? y/n?

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