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Hello people.... I think this is only the 3rd time I've posted here and put myself out there. Usually I just sit here and read people's entries and pick and choose who I want to add because, well, I'm quite picky. But the last time I did this I gained some pretty awesome friends so I thought I'd give it another shot.

I'm a 22 year old female from Australia. I currently work for a large retail chain which I hate but don't hate enough to quit. When I'm not working I'm either sleeping, watching dvd's or out spending money. I've been called lazy and such for the way I choose to live my life but I'm one of those people who has had to deal with some shit in her life so I like to try and live everyday like it's my last and not take things too seriously. I'm just somebody who likes to have fun and enjoy my time with the people I love!

In my journal I talk about.... well, my life. Work, friends, family, drama, randoms... everything. I use to post photos a lot but then I stopped because I got lazy, but I'm going to try and get back in to the habit of that. I try to comment where I can. I can promise you that I will always read your entries but when it comes to commenting, I suck. About once a month I'll go crazy and leave comments and then you probably won't get another one for a while, but that's just cause I'm busy or don't know what to say. I do take an interest in the lives of everyone on my f-list though.

I don't care what music you're into, what shows you watch, what lifestyle you lead etc. If you're someone I can connect with and get along with, that's good enough for me. My group of friends are the most diverse bunch of people ever, so I'm great at relating to people who I have nothing in common with.

If you add, please leave a comment on my Friends Only entry and I will add you back!

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