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haven’t had an online journal since high school.. I miss being able to write thoughts and problems and having other people read it. I miss being able to comment and enjoy other peoples journals as well.. I am just looking for new friends to connect with.

First off my name is Autumn. I am a 21 year old hairdresser/esthetican from NH. I enjoy what I do everyday and I love working with people. I enjoy all types of sports and I don’t consider myself a girly girl. I love to dress up but my favorite thing to wear is sweatpants and sweatshirts.. I am very laid back with a busy lifestyle.

Yes, I love twilight but the fact is.. Its only because I love romance. I read anything that involves romance but then I love history, action, anything that is an eye-opener. The same with movies. I recently saw Avatar and loved it but I wont go to see it in theater ten times like everyone else, I’ll wait til it comes out on dvd. I am the type of girl that would spend a Friday night just watching movies… old, new, funny, thrilling and the whole nine yard especially with popcorn.

I am in love with an incredible man. He is currently in NC serving in the marines and I miss him terribly. We are getting “officially” engaged after he gets out in a year and half. He just came home from Iraq in November and I got to go down to NC to spend thanksgiving with him as well as him to come home for Christmas. It was an amazing two weeks and I am very grateful for every moment I get with him. He is currently getting redeployed but we don’t know until February, when and exactly where or anything. Everyone has that one match they search for and I found mine.

I am your typical 21 year old besides the fact im not crazy about drinking and partying. I just like to spend time with family and friends. I want to live life the way I want to everyday.

So just add me and comment her or on my page who you are and a little something so I can get to know you.


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