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Hello, I'm Rain. I'm 18, live on the west coast of Florida, and am looking for some new friends for the new year.

ABOUT ME: I'm a rather big geek, a writer, and a bookworm. I'm impulsive, quite chatty online (though very shy irl), and open-minded. I'm Christian, but not very religious. I'm currently a senior in high school, and no, I don't know what I want to do with my life. There's very little I don't like, but I have the usual hot buttons - homophobia, racism, narrow mindedness, rudeness, arrogance, etc.

Batman (ESPECIALLY the rogues)
Various animes (see profile)
Disney (the classics)
Harry Potter
Lie to Me
The Daily Show/Colbert Report

I do roleplay and am a slash lover. Also a rare pairings lover.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO FRIEND ME: We have to have common interests. You have to be willing to comment. I'm not asking for something for every entry, but if I'm reading and commenting for you, I expect the same courtesy. Enjoy/don't mind quizzes and memes. I love them, but I promise that's not all I have. Follow the usual rules - respect, kindness, etc.

Just add me and I'll add you back. ^^

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