I Could Not Keep The Night From Coming In (yrpreciousheart) wrote in add_me,
I Could Not Keep The Night From Coming In

Hi! I'm Gillian, I'm 19 and an ex-pat living in London. I go to university here, after having been to two other universities in the states, and am studying linguistics and comparative literature. I read all of the time that I'm not in class, watching movies, online, or sleeping. Which is a lot of the time, to be honest. I've decided to start writing in my journal more frequently, but I'm not an intensely interesting journaler, I just write what I'm doing and what's on my mind. So, if you're into that, I'd love to have you be my friend, as I love reading other people's journals and have felt rather alone on LJ since my flist has dissipated into their non-internet lives, which is rather unfortunate. ;)

I guess I'll do a short list of things I like, since that seems to be the thing to do:
+Harry Potter
+books of all types (I'm on goodreads)
+Rome/Greece Ancient and Modern
and a lot of other things. I'm sure we'll have something in common. :)

And, I guess what I'm looking for in new LJ friends:
+people who like to comment
+people who like to receive comments
+people who post semi-frequently
+people who write with intelligible English (no iNT3Rn3t tYPiiNg, PlZZzzZZ1!!one!1two)

So, if you want to be friends, then feel free to add me!

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