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I'mma make a list.

Hey, so I'm kind of not really new to Livejournal, and this is the five billionth one I've had, but I actually have incentive to keep this one.  Here's a list:

-I am a 19 year old college student living in Manhattan. 
-I like languages (speak English, am learning German, Hebrew, Latin, want to learn Italian, Japanese, Yiddish)
-I like music.  Almost all music.  And I (attempt to) play piano and guitar. 
-I am a nerd.  I enjoy studying.  It's weird.
-I have many odd and idealistic career goals for myself.  I want to translate foreign films, perform piano professionally, build robots, become an FBI agent, and make soap.  In no particular order.  But I'll most likely wind up researching.
-I'm blunt, and I tell things how they went.  If it's gross, it's gross.  If it's weird, it's weird.  I want to remember things how they were when I look back on them, so I don't fluff anything up.  
-I like reading about other people's lives/thoughts/musings, so I'll definitely read and comment. 

That's about it, I guess.  Thanks for reading.  Add me if you'd like.  

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