Jynx (jynx_2005) wrote in add_me,

Add me first

I'm 23 born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah (not mormon but I don't care if you are)

I am VERY tolerant of different kinds of people and require the same tolerance in return

My journal consists of quite a bit of adult content so I will not add back if you are under 18

I don't deal well with people saying rude things about my posts.  I am wonderful with honesty but do not add me, follow me or talk to me if all you want to do is pass judgement. I've never had to deal with it before but I know people who have.

My greatest passion in life is animals.  I have a 2 1/2 year old Snowshoe Siamese named Sammy and a Boxer puppy named Zelda that is almost 1 year old.  They are my children and come very first in my life and everything that I do.

I enjoy people who talk about their lives and don't mind me talking about mine.  My LJ is more for my memory than it is for anything.

I have a VERY bad memory.

I am not a student YET but I will be soon (not sure what I am going to study yet)

I am trying to rediscover myself after a 2 year relationship that I have ended because of losing myself.  There are still strange
relationship circimstances that I'm sure you will understand if you read my journal.

PLEASE read my profile before deciding to add me.

I keep everything public because I have nothing to hide.  People who know me know this and some of them chose never to visit my page because of my callus honesty.

I am more often than most people would like and I like to give advice AND I'm VERY good at it.

I enjoy learning about people and sometimes i delete friends just because their journals are boring.

Add me and comment so I know to add you back.



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