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I used to have another account here but I deleted it, so I haven't posted a real entry in like.. four years?

I've been using this account to comment on ONTD and stir up shit but it's boring me.
I mostly just wanna read other people's stuff, but I wanna write some stuff too, post pics and shit. If I start writing my bio here I won't be able to stop so I'll just keep this short. I have a lot to say about everything. I'm a Swedish girl, 20 years old. I love to sleep. I hate mornings.
I just got a job at a pre-school. The kids say a bunch of crazy-ass shit that makes me pee myself, no joke. I have a boyfriend (if you check my friends, you might just be able to guess who he is). I love videogames. I love meeting new people. I wanna have fun.
People are fucking stupid here, if you talk to someone on the subway most people think you're fucking crazy and/or wanna fuck. It sucks.
Yeah, okay. Add me!

Oh, and don't take my username seriously.

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