amy (amyjae) wrote in add_me,

it's so late, i'm so tired, forgive my rambling

Amy, 23, pa

I keep a journal just for my daily life and mumblings
I can be airheaded and say the most ridiculous things,
but I'm honestly not a complete ditz, which is apparently sometimes hard to believe
I can't say I write about anything fabulous...I'm just a girl who has a job and friends and a boyfriend and is annoyed with having to move back in with parents for awhile
I used to be pretty social, and go out every night and do this and that...but after meeting my boyfriend two months ago, I guess my friends think I'm too busy for them? idk.  I still have this raging party girl in me dying to get out, but I'm trying to behave!!

I like to bitch a lot.  Right now I'm going through financial issues (who isn't?  Besides rich people) and trying to find a new job and trying to find ways to entertain myself with next to no money and a car that has recently decided it wants to have one problem after another.  On the brighter side, a lot of simple things make me happy, like music and cupcakes and offensive jokes.

All of my entries so far are public, if you wanna check me out first
I really don't care who adds me...but for your benefit, double check  that you're easy going and don't mind some f-bombs and a whole lot of sarcasm
I typically study people for a long time and get a good feel for them, so don't get offended if I don't add you back right away :D
And if later on you decide you don't like me?  Take me off your list, no drama included!

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