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choking on plastic

hey. i'm olivia. i used to have an account on here, but it was just sort of whinewhinewhinewail so i got rid of it.

i guess i'm a small town girl, but only because i'm forced to. i belong in the city.

i'm a bit of a nerd. well, a lot of a nerd; specifically for comics and videogames.
i'm the kind of girl who can beat an FPS game while wearing bows in her hair and talking to my mom about the school dance. i'll be best friends with the rudest, nastiest guys and the girliest, sweetest girls. i'm emotionally indestructable (unless it comes from a guy i fancy). i don't want to date the school's sex god, i don't want to date the emo boy, i don't want to date the quarterback. i always fall for the shy, nerdy, boy friend.

my favorite authors are H.P Lovecraft, Cory Doctrow, and Edgar Allen Poe. my favorite games are Borderlands, The World Ends With You, and..admittedly, cardgames. (the great dalmuti, magic, etc.)

i love tim burton's movies and science fiction movies.

as for music, well, i have the iTunes library of 2 DJ's if that tells you anything. i'll listen to all and any music--music is fun! (and by all and any music i really mean it, not "i like FALL OUT BOY!!! i mean anything but country lawlz")

so yeah, let's be friends? :)

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