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Add Me? :) I red && comment entries <3

Okay, so I'm not gorgeous.
: Nicole

Birthday: April 6th, 1992 (17)

School: Senior in HS
Now applying to colleges.

Location: CT, soon to move back to RI. USA.

Favorite Anime: Saikano, Bokura ga Ita, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Fullmetal Alchemist, Serial Experiments Lain, Paprika, Chobits, Akira, Natsume Yuujinchou, and many more. Fruits Basket is a wounderful manga but I hated the anime adaption...

Interests: Politics, manga/anime, video gaming (xbox 360), photography, fashion, animals, coffee, blogging, United States history, plushies, and hanging out with friends and with her amazing boyfriend Dan.

I am on LiveJournal every single day. I also have myanimelist, goodreads, and a neopet account. I am always on the xbox and will provide my gamer tag if asked.

What I am Looking For:
I do not want someone just to make my friend count rise. I would like someone who from time to time will comment my entries and read them. I am interested in making friends with people who will be enjoy having their entries commented on and at times discussed. Pretty much don't add me if you have no interest in communicating with me or vewing my journal once in a while. They call it a friends list for a reason :) <3

I post often. I usually post every other day to daily. My posts contain: manga/anime/video game, school, troubles with family, random fun stuff, and just whatever I am thinking about!

Anyway, I can be pretty timid at times but I'm very friendly and would love some new blogs to reads. :) I can be very opinionated at times but I promise I'm very fun to be around.
NOTE: Please comment MY JOURNAL if you would like to be added :)
I will check here as well but it's much more convenient for me <3

For my use:

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