jerrica michelle (jerrikuhh) wrote in add_me,
jerrica michelle

jerrica, nineteen (20 on saturday!), sophomore in college.
boston is my home<3 but i'm in CT for school.
i'm an asshole but i'm also really really nice. i know, i know, makes no sense. ha.
i like sushi, any form of caffeine, and super long car rides to nowhere.
i'm puerto rican and italian. :)
maci from teen mom is my favorite. love that show!
lil wayne, kanye west, & trey songz = <3
jose cuervo is my drink of choice. ;)
i'm a good listener, so my lj friends can talk to me about anything.
i won class clown in high school. & i get along with everyone. legit.
oh yeah and i had lj a minute ago but now i'm back.


ps; this is me.

my entries may be long or short. i probably will write about what i'm currently thinking or feeling rather than just write about my day. i like pictures of random shit, so i'll be posting cute things from time to time.
and if you're into twitter: omgitsjerrica

comment and add me first? gracias!
xo jerrica


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