astronaut (simpleplan) wrote in add_me,

it's been awhile since i've actually done this...

my name is kristen. i'm 20 years old and i work for a living (or at least most of the time, anyways...) i live in minnesota and the older i get, the more i appreciate it here even though i could live without the winters. i'm an agnostic open-minded liberal with a weird/dry/sarcastic sense of humor. i'm native american/german plus a lot of other things. i live with social anxiety disorder though it's not as bad as it use to be, i'm louder and more expressive than i ever was when i was younger.

i love a variety of music, it all depends on my mood - though i've been listening to more pop as of lately. i'm mad obsessed with glee, it has become my new obsession. it also is my favorite television show right along side queer as folk. i also enjoy watching hockey (mtl!), writing, live music, photography, baking, traveling and sometimes drinking.

to be quite honest, i don't update a lot and even when i do i don't get comments most of the time so this is why i'm doing this... to maybe make some new non-judgmental e-friends that i have something in common with. i don't have that many anymore :( - if you're at all curious of what i look like and to get a sense of how random, weird and crazy i am you can check out my tumblr - whoops, this wasn't meant to be so long...

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