sympathy for the devil, (warfactory) wrote in add_me,
sympathy for the devil,

I'm sixteen.  I'm stubbornly moderate when it comes to politics.  I like to analyze what makes people attach themselves eternally to ideas and religions.   I'm open to challenging the ideas already accepted to be true by society, such as the concepts of good and evil and love.  I enjoy debating about philosophy and innate human nature and history.  There is nothing that makes me happier than performing onstage in musicals.  Just like everyone else, I want to be envied.  I'm afraid that nothing in life will satisfy me, and I'll never be able to accomplish anything that I believe is noteworthy.  I study and analyze the lives of fictional characters because they distract me from myself and allow me to analyze human behavior.  The concept of war intrigues me more than anything else.   I really enjoy Heroes, Band of Brothers, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Harry Potter.   I set unrealistically high expectations for what I can accomplish.  I want to understand why anyone/anything would decide to create the universe.  And just like every single person, naive teenage girl or not, I want to be loved and accepted.

Yeah, horrible picture quality.  I know.


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