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If you wish to add me, please comment this entry saying you are adding me along with one fact about yourself or something about similar interests.  You can also comment my friends only post that is identical to this one ;)

I'm actually very difficult to get along with, because I can go into bitch mode at any second for any stupid reason, you have been warned. 

I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Severe Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, so like I said I'm not always that easy to get along with.

About Me: 20. Married. Pregnant. Pierced and Inked. I have a deathhawk. Animal Rights Activist. Strict Vegetarian. Skelanimalette (I have a collect of 200+ Skelanimals) I love black, yet I am very fond of bright colored rainbow stuff. I love CANDY. I own my own house. I live in Minnesota- been here my entire life. I am into the Occult. I tend to be very opinionated. I am brutally honest and blunt, don't expect me to say you look cute when you look nasty, I'm just not that kind of person. If you can't handle the truth about shit, then don't bother adding me because guess what? We won't get along.

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