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I'm Sara, I am nineteen, and I am from Michigan.

I am a college student, I work at a mental health agency and I do vocals for a local indie/alternative band. I am interested in travel, love, history, documentaries, art of all sorts, reading/writing, adventure and philosophy.

I post A LOT, and I like to read and comment on all of my friend's journals. A lot of my entries are ramblings about life and my goals (I am very goal oriented). I sometimes post about sex, but I put that kind of stuff behind a cut. I post a lot of pictures, and will probably start adding lyrics/poems that I write and my art pretty soon.

I'd like to befriend other artists, writers, or people that have something interesting to say. I really want to befriend people that I can actually talk to and get to know.

That's about it. To add me, please comment here, and tell me a little bit about yourself. I will add you first.

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