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Hey I'm Tatiana.
I started a new LJ in English just for fun, but now I think I could find some friends here.
I'm 24, from Moscow, Russia.
I graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy in 2007 with BA degree in pharmacy, but I've been working in game development for 3 years now, just because I adore video games and don't wanna do anything else =).

I love many different things: rock music, Harry Potter universe, good movies and sitcoms (30 rock, IT crowd, Friends, Big bang theory, lost), my old jeans, green tea, poetry and Japanese food.
My big hobby is photography and you could find some of my pics in my journal.

I write about life, my country, job, friends and my journeys.

I suck in English and never ever ever check my grammar or spelling, and also I have some problems with language in general)) This makes me angry, because I’m actually a good writer in my native language :)

If you are interested in reading lame English and looking at not so lame pictures – add me. 


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