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Add me?


+I'm 26, therefore I will not add anyone who is under the age of 18. Sorry. I cuss, talk about drinking and other adult things I'd rather not hear innocent children here.

+I'm obsessed with Degrassi:TNG and I talk about it often. Be warned. I also make graphics, write and role-play the show. You've been properly warned.

+I am a venter. Sometimes, all my entries will be is one long vent of my day. But, if I don't get them out SOMEHOW I will explode in my real life and that's...never...good.

+I love music. Music will be a high point. If you dislike one of my bands or artists, and continually poke fun/make fun of them, I will, without hesitation, remove you. So you might wanna check below and see who it is I like before adding.

+I'm currently unemployed and living at home right now, so I have lots of time for journaling, and being online. It sucks, because I am the type of person who thrives on doing three things at once. I don't like not having anything to do at all. When I get a job, this will change.

+I role-play. Multi-novella RP at that. If you do as well, drop me a PM and maybe we can come up with something.


+The Vampire Diaries
+Xena: Warrior Princess
+What I like about You
+Drake and Josh
+My Life as Liz
+Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant

+Lady Gaga
+Alice Cooper
+Marilyn Manson
+Cassie Steele
+Suzi Quatro
+Joan Jett
+The Runaways
+Stevie Nicks
+Pat Benatar
+Motley Crue
+Sebastian Bach
+The Rolling Stones
+The Doors
+The Dixie Chicks
+Pam Tillis

John Travolta+Edward Furlong+Maculay Culkin+Edward Norton+Jake Epstein

Goldie Hawn+Kate Hudson+Jennifer Aniston+Cassie Steele+Drew Barrymore+Christina Ricci +Lucy Lawless+Hudson Leick


Designing websites, blogging, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, M&M's, pink, purple, white, black, red, "scene", black eyeliner, boys in black eyeliner, horror movies, texting, makeup and hairstyles, independant movies, Greek Mythology, blond hair, singing, dancing, karaoke, hanging out and doing nothing at all, watching bad reality television, cupcakes, cookies with icing in the middle, dieting, binging, exercising like a crazy person. Enjoying a cold Smirnoff Ice, drinking Bacardi Rum and Dr. Pepper, singing along to songs in the car, pretending you're on stage when you're karaoking, making stupid and random videos for your friends, myspaceing it up.

One last thing. Please, Please, please respond to my Friends' Only post. I'd also really like some new friends, some new Degrassi friends would be AMAZING. So, go friend now! (: 

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