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Beyond Paper


The sort of person I am:
I'm friendly, appreciative, and open-minded. I enjoy connecting with people and appreciate feedback/advice/thoughtful conversation/creative banter.

Some more things about me, and some of my interests:
I'm twenty-something. I've spent a lot of my life trying to understand various sets of extremes, in myself and in others - the extremes involved in humanness. To explore this interest, I've spent time helping out in a short-term mental health facility, and I've also worked in a funeral home, among various other of my own individual mental quests and tests.  I'm interested in art, especially veins of surrealism - as that's mostly where my own work would fit into. I'm currently studying English and Religion after a lengthy switching of majors and schools, and have found a lot of confidence through creative writing endeavors over the last year. Sometimes I like to toss things up in my life and will embark on multiple projects of change at one time.  I like to feel like I'm moving toward something. My music tastes are pretty broad, but I've been listening to more electronic music in the past couple of years, with a focus on some of the more layered things among the Goa/Psytrance/Ambient-sort of genres. I love the sound of flutes and string instruments. Overall, I'm fairly introspective and enjoy sharing my general musings.

The things I'm looking for in an LJ Friend:
I'm looking for people who are creative and open-minded, as I don't plan on censoring my own opinions about the world, or thoughts/stories about sex or substances or otherwise hush hush things. I'm more than open to people who are very different than I am, or people who are similar - People who are willing to embark on a two-way relationship.

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