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I'm bad at this but bear with me, hehe:

19 and living in Pittsburgh, going to school for Psychology, though with my rapidly changing decisions about majors that may not last. I'm quiet and shy if I don't know you very well... and then the crazy person is unleashed xD I'm both quiet and loud, shy and shameless, silly and reserved, and a whole bunch of other total contradictions. Just another oddball wandering around the 'net trying to connect to more, hahaha.

I love photography and taking pictures, and am slowly improving as I keep going. I've been drawing obsessively since I was little, and still use any free time I have doing so. I'd love to paint, but don't have the confidence to put permanent marks on a canvas just yet xD I've played clarinet since I was 8, and since then have fallen in love with instruments, and now own and play quite a few, from bamboo flutes to didgeridoo to drums. I love all forms of music, and have very eclectic taste. Some favorite artists/bands are Tom Waits, Oingo Boingo, The Doors, Cruxshadows, Rosebud, Johnny Cash, VNV Nation, Ella Fitzgerald and some guys called The Beatles.

I like to read as well, and collect vintage books... I have a few that are over 100 years old. I have a habit of collecting some odd things... old books, foreign bottles/cans, kitschy objects and religious fetishes from around the world, and anything to do with crows or ravens. I love birds, particulary corvids! I have a soft spot for parrots too.

You can tell by now that I'm a little random and all-over-the-place, and that's what my journal is like- random rambling, videos, music, photographs, you name it, it might be there. The majority of what I put up are photos and drawings of mine, and crafts I've made or am learning to make. I tried to make it an "artsy" journal, but failed and now its a mixture of everything. As long as you like photos, silliness, music and coffee, we'll get along x) That may include most of the world. Woohoo!

Hopefully I haven't scared anyone away, hehe, and I hope to get to know some of you soon :)

(x-posted a few places. Sorry if you run into this a couple times)

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