integrityy (integrityy) wrote in add_me,

friends? ;D

hello :)
i've met a few awesome people here and i'm ready to meet more

about me
name ; nicole
age ; 23
location ; new york

-i love animals, they are a big passion of mine.. especially penguins... one day i would love to work with animals, i would really love to be a vet... but that is near impossible unless i overcome my fear of blood, but i would definitely work in a shelter trying to make an animals life a better one.
-i have been with my fiance for over 3 years and it's such a great great feeling to know that you found someone you can spend the rest of your life with and be yourself around.
-i also like forensics, i think forensics is so intriguing and i love how each and every single day they discover new ways of doing things, and new ways of finding things out
-i work at a retail store, it is paying the bills so i am happy with it
-i love my old school nickelodeon, every chance i get i watch old episodes on youtube
-i am addicted to farmville, on facebook
-i am a gamer, i play my ps3 whenever i can... haha my fiance says he is lucky to have a girlfriend that likes videogames, well i like having a fiance that games too! [hah]
-i am very creative, i like to think of new ways to do things...
-i want a wii just so i can play just dance
-i am afraid of the dark
-i am interested in learning wood carving & stone carving, i have been doing research and whenever i get enough money i will start learning that art and making beautiful things
-i hattttteeee clowns, they are scary
-i am looking for new lj friends, i love reading others entries, i comment a lot, & i'll be a pretty kickass lj friend

i'd prefer 18+ because i do have a potty mouth, and it's my journal and i really don't hold anything back... if you aren't 18 and you can take 18+ content go for it, i'd love to add you! 
i'll rant, i'll curse, i'll post pictures, i'll complain, i'll tell you about my day, & more...
come be my friend!

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