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Hello, I'm Emily! Though I occasionally go by Lupe too.

I live in northern Minnesota, right on the Canadian border. I am multicultural to the core and grew up in a Spanish community farther south. I speak Spanish and English, and I'm really wanting to learn Russian and understand more about culture all over the world, including learning more about the UK, and Europe in general. 

I love horses, and still have two of them, the rest were regrettably sold off due to the recession. I'm also a car/truck fanatic. 

I have several fandoms I write for; Ruroni Kenshin, Transformers, Star Wars, Gundam, Naruto, and a few other obscure ones. Some of my posts are NSFW and have very adult themes, but they will of course be labeled and you'll know them when you see them. I also like to pretend I can draw. XD

Being new to LJ, I want to find some other friends to chat with! There's only a few things you should be warned of, one I mentioned above, the other is that I am an atheist, and a religious critic. So if you add me and make posts, I'll probably criticize, but I won't be mean. 

So if that didn't scare you, let's be friends!

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