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Add Amber Dawn

My name is Amber Dawn. I am an artist and a writer but I'm rarely paid for either.

A lot of people post here because they have new journals or they've just come back after a long time or whatever. I've had this journal for quite a while and I'm not planning on abandoning it any time soon, except in the case of electrical apocalypse (the demise of the internet, y'all.)

I'm pretty eclectic so I post regularly with a variety of different things. I'd say my journal is at least 90% public entries so you can check it out if you'd like. It's a great waste of time.

That dinosaur picture, yeah there's a whole entry about those. I felt sad after valentine's day so I had a dinosaur cupcake party to cheer myself up. Just a sample.


Time for some bulleted lists!

I am:

  • creative
  • about 95% grammatically correct
  • a collector
  • bipolar
  • a procrastinator
  • a big kid and a little adult
  • trying to find my place in the world
  • pleasantly sarcastic and sometimes cynical
  • easy-going
  • bored a lot


If you don't want to read my profile,
I like:

  • dinosaurs
  • making things into haiku
  • collecting toys
  • uncommonly used punctuation;
  • flashlights
  • Finding things (Found Magazine)
  • abandoned places
  • robots
  • tacos
  • kitschy shit
  • jesus (in a platonic manner)
  • label makers
  • eating candy for breakfast
  • bizarre cartoons made for kids (with underlying adult concepts, ooh)
  • converse sneakers
  • stuff from the 1990's
  • polaroids
  • picture books
  • outer space stuff


I don't like:

  • shopping carts
  • pens at the bank, on those little chains
  • my job
  • people who only talk about relationships and nothing else
  • people who add just to get comments and that's it
  • vacuuming, yeah vacuuming sucks, and it's a bitch to spell.

Myself and some stuff I do, did, made or enjoy (how's that for a header?)

ninja turtle







new apartment,living room


Okay, yeah, I'm tired of looking for pictures.

Add me if you want to. I'm not looking for a fan club and you don't have to comment all the time.
Just if you're interested and especially if you're interesting, yeah, go ahead. Please.


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