Lauren (laurenalive) wrote in add_me,

the name is lauren.

originally from orlando, but attending college in atlanta. first time away from home really; eighteen.

i've had an lj for two years or so now, and started writing as an alternative coping mechanism to self-mutilation. the majority of my posts center around family troubles, my piercing obsession, feelings of depression, sex and relationships, fears, school, inebriated times and the future. i don't want to paint a bleak picture of myself though, so do know that for the most part i am a very content individual. i'm largely outgoing and friendly and love having crazy adventures, but as every blogger knows, you're so much more motivated to write during the bad times than the good. i'm generally a pretty consistent writer, but took a month and a half or so off because things were going so well i had almost no need to write. hah. but with things complicated again, here i am. it was also a new years resolution of mine to write at least once a week- oops. i'd like to really try and fulfill that though. i guess above all, i'm looking for people to communicate and dialogue with, for people who can offer advice or want if offered back. and let's face it- who wouldn't want to peer into someone else's innermost thoughts?


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