Kitty (cinnabubbles) wrote in add_me,

Me and you with wings on our feet...

[shamelessly ganked from my bio entry on my F-locked entry] :P

Name: Remy
Age: 21
Sex: nothx Female
Orientation: 'out' Bisexual
Status: tadornk's Cuddles as of 1/2/2010
Personality: Caring, Dysfunctional, Fun AND Boring, ....addictive?
Occupation: Unemployed :/
Hobbies: DDR, Computer repair, video games, walking the mall, getting lost and having my poor friends come find me
Loves: The Joker, Harley Quinn, House, Thirteen, Olivia Wilde, Guitar Hero/Rockband, a bit of 'that kinky shit', Spencer's (a store), my close knit bunch of friends, most of my family
Can't Stand: Any kind of bug (except for butterflies, ladybugs and praying mantis), absolute silence, when my hands are idle, when I'm 'in a rut'

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