geckopaws (geckopaws) wrote in add_me,

I'm a crazy gal!

Hello folks my name is Sarah,

I'm 27 years old.  I'm disabled, looking for a good job.  Though in my current situation I probably can't find much since I can't bend or lift anything.  It would have to be a desk job.

I'm looking for people to read my insane journal entries.  And to read others journal entries to reply to them.  Things I like:

Music: I'm pretty into every type of genre that there is except rap.  But even then I am in to the classy rap like MJB and such.  But I think her stuff is more R and B.

Art:  I love drawing and coloring on the computer.  I love looking at other peoples are and commenting on it.

Poetry:  I love poetry

Fan Fiction:  Big into the anime and fanfiction that comes along with it.

Favorite Authors are: Orson Scott Card and J.K. Rowling.  What can I say they are both awesome writers.  

I like reading and talking about everyday things and struggles.  

I also love to exercise when I'm not in pain.  I like reading about peoples workouts too.  

Things I don't like:  That would negative criticism, and judgmental people. That would be immature people, the kind that love drama and and are defensive as hell in any way shape or form and think that they always being one upped.  That I consider is a type of paranoia or an illness.  I don't usually get people like that too often.  And the ones that I do are mostly in their late teens.  

So guys, please add me if you see what you like.

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