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Serious as a heart attack

Well it's been a while since I've posted on one of these things so I figured I'd post a new one and hope that I meet some nice new people =)

I won't say my journals exciting... it involves photos of my birds and sharing mood themes, haha. It's a pretty new journal and so far no entries are friends-locked so if you want to check it first, go ahead =)

I'm not looking for a million friends... just a few who I can actually care about. As for friends cuts - eventually I probably may cut some people if they haven't updated their journals in a few months and I don't hear from them at all but it's not something I've ever done in the past.

Well I'm 24, from NZ and I'm female. I prefer female friends as I find them more interesting to read about in general. I dont know, I just dont really care about what blokes are up to - I get enough of that with my boyfriend :P

I love animals, in particular birds, haha.I don't like cruelty to animals or people with unspeyed dogs or cats. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so if these things are important to you, you wont find them in my journal - sorry =)

I'm a movie addict and a tv addict - though I only watch one show on tv and the rest on dvd (or online if they're not in NZ yet). I also play a lot of World of Warcraft so I'd love to meet some other players ^^

Anyway, add me, drop me a line, whatever - look forward to hearing from people =)

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