shoki_doki (shoki_doki) wrote in add_me,

Where to start...

Okay so, not giving the location, because i find it irrelevant. BUT, other than that...

HI! I'm Shoki :)

I'm not new to LJ but new to this journal and im searching for some friends!! I'm into House M.D, Harry Potter, Saiyuki, and Kingdom Hearts, and I RP all of them as a fandom. I'm pretty laid back and I have a bit of a ranchy humor, but i honestly just want to make friends. I make icons and take requests, so dont be afraid to stop by and ask! :) I'm ninteen years old, female, an I like meeting new people. It's hard to learn more unless you at least try to add me :) Dont be scared, I dont bite! Unless you want me to, but then I start charging.

If you enjoy the series Twilight, please completely disregard the message.

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