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 Hi, I'm Taylor. I don't really ever know what to say about myself, so I'll just say a few things. I'm not new to livejournal, but I'm starting with a new journal, and would like to make some new friends (Obviously. That's why I'm here. ^_^) I'm nineteen. I love music and art. Those are the two biggest things in my life. I'm a college Freshman, majoring in Graphic Design. I'm pretty cynical about most situations, but I'm trying not to be like that anymore, cause it just makes me unhappy. I play the ukulele and the piano. I'm not the most interesting person ever, my entries are just about my everyday, boring life, but I like commenting on people's journals. So, if you'd like to be friends, go ahead and add me. I'm always looking to meet new people. =)


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