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O, hai there!

I made a new LJ and because I've never been really active until now, I'm looking for friends.
My name's Em, I'm turning 16 in May and I'm Asian.
Interests: Writing (fiction, poetry, lyrics, journalism, etc.), Law, Psychology, Music, Sports (Tennis, Martial Arts, Shooting), Fashion (though I'm mainly Visual/Oshare Kei-ist), Japan, Vampires (bloodthirsty ones), Werewolves (real ones), Yokais.
Music: Everything. My favorite is Visual Kei/Oshare Kei (GazettE, Miyavi, SuG, ViViD, Sadie) but I listen to everything. K-Pop (Super Junior, Big Bang, SS501), J-Pop (Kat-Tun, Arashi, etc), Pop (don't dig much into it but yeah), Rock/Crunk/Metal/emo (Escape The Fate, Bring Me The Horizon, BrokenCyde, Slipknot, Sex Pistols, Panic! At the Disco, etc.)    
- I have nothing against smoking or drinking. I am fascinated with writing about drugs but I don't support it.
- Everyone either thinks I'm "Dark, scary, emo" or "Happy-go-lucky, awesome, cute." I don't know what I am but I am not emo nor am I a happy-go-lucky
- I want to be a prosecutor/journalist/music producer.

- I'm an animal lover, especially dogs but I hate insects. I was also born in the Dog year and have a Leo sign. Makes me act like a Leo/Dog a lot.

- I don't care about politics unless I'm in the mood. I like Obama. I like Taksin (Thailand).
- I don't really care about religion. I respect your religion but I do curse sometimes so if you can't take that then stay away.
- I love Gossip Girl, Harry Potter, and I can't remember all of a sudden.

Anything more, you can ask me. Thanks for reading!

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