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So after realizing that half my friends list is inactive, I decided it was time for some new friends.

A little about me...
I'm Kelsey, I'm 19 and I live in Maryland. I've lived here forever (minus 3 months when I lived in VA) and I love it. I'm stubborn and a little abrasive, but don't let it fool you- underneath all that, I have a huge heart. I work two jobs (waitressing and I'm also a secretary) and I go to school full-time (currently a psych major, switching to med). I have an amazing boyfriend of going on two years. We're in a long-distance relationship, but we make it work.

I love... psychology, learning, photography (35mm, please), baking, reading, taking walks, sunshine, Weeds, Dexter, Something Corporate, Explosions in the Sky, Scrabble, long drives, Jimmy Eat World, my friends, dreaming, Disney World, warm hoodies, philosophy, WoW, graphic novels, Domo, shopping, Nikes, thrifting, my car ('09 Honda Civic), traveling, learning new things, Nintendo (Super, 64, Wii and DS), Mac, making collages, sewing, family, creativity, New Orleans, reading for lols, Baltimore, trying new restaurants, running, making strange noises, a lot of different music, my cat Gabby, going grocery shopping, Starbucks, football (Steelers!), pizza with ranch and most importantly, new people.

My Livejournal is pretty personal. I update 1-2 times a week, and post lots of pictures. I'm very blunt in my journal, and write a lot about my boyfriend/family/friends, work, concerts and the very random situations I frequently get in to. I'm really looking for people who are more so "friends" than people who just read my journal. I make an effort to comment a lot and get to know my LJ friends outside of LJ, and I'd appreciate the same. I'm very open minded and interested in people who are both like and unlike me. All I ask is that you are 18+, not illiterate and that you're interested in actually becoming "friends." I think I'm worth knowing.

Comment and let's be friends. :)

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