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Hi all!

Decided it was time to make some new friends here on LJ. I've been on LJ since the middle of 2003 and have updated fairly regularly through the eight or so years I've been on LJ. Here's a little about me.

- I'm 19 (ohnoes only one more year of claiming stupidity due to being a teenager! Ack!). This means I can be chronically indecisive. Or maybe it means I'm just unsure of things. I'm not so sure. ;D
- I live in Massachusetts and despite my constant whining about the cold, love it here.
- I am taking a break from school, but plan to return in the fall to UMASS Lowell as a psychology major. I plan on becoming a therapist and starting an Equine Assisted Therapy program for emotionally damaged women.
- I am, first and foremost, a horsewoman. If you don't like horses, don't bother friending me. When I am actively working with them, most posts have at least a little blurb about riding, or the horses I'm working with. They are my life.
- I'm an animal person in general. Horses and dogs are mostly where my knowledge lies, but most fourleggeds are listed higher up on my respect list than most people at this point ;D I currently don't own any pets because of my living situation, which makes me do this: D: Someday soon, I hope!
- I was just confirmed as a Lutheran in the WELS synod, but I don't care what religion you are. Just mentioning as a warning because I am new to Christianity and new to faith in general, so I talk about that from time to time. I promise you, I will not try and convert you. That's not who I am. Most of my talk about it is me struggling with my new faith and trying to figure things out.
- I'm also a lesbian. I know this makes no sense given the previous statement ;D If homosexuality bothers you, probably best we're not friends.
- I tend to get ranty and borderline whiny sometimes. My journal is, of course, for me, and my life is kind of...well, it's gonna be a great book someday, anyway. :D
- Music tastes are mostly country. Sugarland tops the list, along with Jo Dee Messina and Martina McBride. Also love Colbie Caillat, Angel Taylor, and Kate Vogele.
- Not a huge TV person, but do have serious addictions to Castle, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. Stana Katic and Kate Walsh make me happy :D

Anyway, my user info is a pretty accurate portrayal of me as well. I'm looking for friends who want to be just that - friends. I'm not looking to just up your friends number or my own. I take the time to read every single post, and try to comment as much as possible - sometimes I feel like I don't have anything productive to say so I generally just keep quiet then. But I do read it all! I care very much about each of my friends and want to take the time to get to know someone so you're not just a name on my friend's page! 18+ is also preferred, and please journal in English...I know a bit of French but certainly an not fluent in anything other than English!

Please leave a comment here/on my friend's only entry if you add me, preferably with a little blurb as to why!

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