Stacy (ex_thegreyl) wrote in add_me,

Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE!

Name: Stacy
Age: 28

I've had LJ for almost 5 years now. I use it to vent, to blab, to philosophize, to meet friends, etc. I am married (recently) to a man that I've been with for almost 7 years. We are expecting our first child. We also have two cats, Louis and Jayne.

I live in Minnesota. It is cold here a lot. I get tired of it, but wouldn't want to move anywhere different because my family lives here.

Music: I love the band Great Big Sea. I love Celtic Folk music, Gaelic Storm, Riverdance and the like. I enjoy Country music, and have never liked death metal and/or rap. I also enjoy oldies music, especially when cleaning.

Movies: I adore anything fantasy. Labyrinth is my very favorite movie. I love David Bowie. Other movies that I enjoy are LadyHawke, Willow, Neverending Story, The Chronicles of Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, The Land of Faraway, Princess Bride, The Matrix, anything Disney.

Books: I read Fantasy and Romance novels. My favorite author is Tamora Pierce. I also really like Julia Quinn, Kelley Armstrong, Meredith Ann Pierce, Mercedes Lackey. I also read some classical literature like Jane Austen, but it takes me awhile to get through them, unlike fantasy, which I blow through in under a day. I love to read.

Animals: I love horses. My favorite breed of horse are Morgans. I used to ride all the time, and I've owned two horses in the past. Hopefully sometime soon I will own them again. My second favorite breed of horse are Friesians. I'm not a huge fan of quarter horses, but that's just my opinion. I love to watch the horses run, and I love taking off the first Saturday of May to watch the Run for the Roses.

I also like in no particular order:

-Star Trek
-Star Wars
-Nail Polish
-Board Games especially Scrabble
-Renaissance Festivals/Costuming
-Dragonlance (back in the day)

If I sound interesting, feel free to comment so I can add you, as my journal is friends only.


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