Christina Kyra Hawkins (ohhhchristina) wrote in add_me,
Christina Kyra Hawkins

This is all pretty simple. I need new friends, and you want new friends. I could sit here and regurgitate the same posts that you see on a daily basis where I go into all my likes and dislikes, maybe post a picture or two...but I've decided I'm not going to do that. If you click on that nice little blue guy next to my name, see him there on the left?, you'll find a little "about me" section where I wrote a small paragraph that pretty much sums me up. Don't see that guy? Click the link under this post to make a comment and then you'll find him. If you're the type that is super elite and wants to know more specifically what my musical tastes are or want to see a about taking a little time out of your not-so-busy schedule and comment asking me? A friendship is two-sided and I don't want to be the only one doing all the work here.

I don't have a steady internet connection.
I don't update daily.
I hardly ever comment, but I always read.
I enjoy playing Farmville more than I do updating my livejournal.


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