patience (unexists) wrote in add_me,

hello! my name is patience. i'm nineteen. i have girl parts. i don't like using the shift key in my journal because when i was a kid our keyboard's shift key quit working and i just got used to the uniformity. i moved here from gj to start a new life, so hello lj! besides. all the cool kids are here.

my latest favorite movies are up in the air, wall-e, 28 days later, the saw series, zombieland, and sweeney todd, syfy's alice, inglourious basterds and the hangover. horror movies are my life blood. i love reading too! i have... a lot of favorite books so you'll just have to ask me what my favorites are. i like niel gaiman and lewis caroll and a few others. i mostly read ebooks. i'm married to the information era, bb. mythology and such are also on my to do list.

my journal will mostly contain real life stuff, but i do occasionally talk about tv and movies, along with posting the occasional memes. i'm about ready to catch up and participate in cloverbooks .

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