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i went on an lj hiatus for trashy romantic novels, cream filled baguettes and a stint of heavy dating which ended in nothing but more cream filled baguettes and an added bonus of cheesecake.

i'm 22 and i live in sydney, australia. i love spending money on dresses, patterned leggings, new bags, new ballet flats and warm boyfriend style jackets. i don't mind spending the odd dollar on a piece of cake or hiking for 30 minutes to the nearest library to borrow a mills & boon. i'm a terrible romantic and can't think of anything more cute than meeting the boy of your dreams at the subway or a the bus stop in a tiny dress and a pair of lucky heels with bows.

i also have a deep connection with my television and my ipod. they don't like to share me but i divide my time between them to make things fair. my deeper and most meaningful moments from my favorite dramas are shared with the television. we watch the good wife, the mentalist, brothers & sisters, gray's anatomy, house and true blood together. train rides and spare moments are spent with my ipod to backseat goodbye, the rocket summer, jamisonparker, cassettes won't listen, owl city, page france, e for explosion, imogen heap, cassettes won't listen & snow patrol (to name but a few).

i love to dream and if we could all hold hands together i'd take us down to a five-star hotel to jump on the beds and swim in their nice pool, go shopping for new shoes, cute dresses and cake and borrow a few boys to hold our bags. we'll spend the night teetering in our new heels to alice in wonderland at the cinemas and lying under the stars in the park giggling over stories and songs over an untuned guitar.

i love to comment on journals whenever i visit my friend's list and when i'm not hassled by assignments or distracted by dancing or procrastinating to (and this is desperate) desperate housewives. =)

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