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greetings~ ive been a blogger for a long while, and only decided to just get back onto lj as of recently. Here are a few things about me:

- Names Lisa but i've been known as Rei or Jade
- i'm 29 years old and a Penecostal (its just more my religion has given me a strong faith reguardless of the Stuff ive been through)
- I work for a retail store based in Florida as an area manager
- Im huge into movies, my current favorite that has been for a while is Boondock Saints. Other favorites include Star Wars (my friends say im like Leia) Sherlock Holmes... and a bunch of others. I own almost 80 different movies on dvd.
- TV shows im into is Charmed, House MD, Life after people (is an interesting twist)
- I love writing, photography and all sorts of things.
- loyal and willing to listen and offer positive help to others
- very self-introspecting on myself.
- public entries i write will be random fandom based ficclets i currently work on, locked posts are my intrests and deep introspective thoughts.

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