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My name is Brandi (hence the username mizz_brandi).

I live in New York State, USA.

I just opened up my account a week ago on LiveJournal though I did have an active account here a few years ago, so I am quite familiar with the place.

I'm a fun-loving individual with an outgoing personality. It takes me a while to open up since I am often quite reserved, but I like to make different friends, friends with different backgrounds, races, cultures and who come from all different walks of life. I don't discriminate against anyone.

I suppose you could say that I'm either a big or a little sister to everyone. If you want to be friends with me, the rules are simple. You have my back, then I'll have yours in return. I will add almost anyone and everyone, and I will try to respond to my friends' journals as often as I can, and as truthfully as I can. I will try to not leave anybody out if they're friends with me. I don't associate myself with racists, bigots, homophobes and just mean and stupid people.

Some of my hobbies are partying, reading, shopping, writing and designing on the computer. I also love animals, especially cats and birds.

Like I said, I will behave fine with anyone and I like to talk and have fun! If you're interested in adding me, then feel free to do so. Just leave a comment to let me know that you've added me.


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