heyitsambulur (heyitsambulur) wrote in add_me,

Hi !

 Im always horrible at these things but I will give it my best shot ! :)

My name is Amber,  I am 21 years old. I live in the  dysfunctional state of Illinois thanks to our former governor! ha thats for another story and another day !

Ive done LiveJournal before, but left it and used blogspot,wordpress..things like that but I always end up coming back here. So, After a really horrible year of things going on in my life I have decided to start this process again. I truly do write everyday, but it sometimes takes me a day or two to post it.

Writing is a huge passion of mine. Ive written over 300 pages of blogs [yes ive printed them out] I dont post surveys or quizzes, although i do read them and dont have a problem with them. Im 21, and ive had to grow up a lot the past couple years so a lot of the stuff i post is serious things in my life.

BESIDES the serious stuff, im a fun-loving, out going, spontaneous girl ! I love doing anything once. I take more pictures than id probably like to admit. I will be friends with anybody, and everybody. I love getting to know new people, and things about new people. Makes life interesting. I wont ever add someone to make my list longer. I truly do want to read and get to know every 'friend' i have on here :) thats important. OH and I make youtube videos. 

I'd really like to be YOUR friend :)...and well yours too...and you look pretty nice :)

Id love it if anybody who read this will add me. Embark on the many journeys i go on.

thanks for taking the time to read this, and i truly do hope to talk to some of you ! :D 

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