zapbash (zapbash) wrote in add_me,

There's no need to push & shove me;

Morning beautiful;

My name is JD and I be from 'sunny' England.
I looovee
- Red wine
- Photography
- Books = mainly those by one Mr. Bret Easton Ellis & Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle
- Surreal & conceptual Art
- Late nights and early mornings.

I'm also into Special Effects pyrotechnics and make-up and tend to post pictures of my 'creations' from time-to-time on my journal.

No two days are ever the same, this is not the run-of-the mill 'I'll tell you what I had for breakfast' journals, mainly because I EAT BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!

So, if you add me then I'm sure that we'll have a ball together, I comment back, provide support & like to share day-to-day quirks of life.

See you on the flip-flop.

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