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Hi there! :D

Hello there! My name is Debbie, and I live in Canada. I hope to make some friends who have similiar interests, although I would not mind a bit if you didn't.

•I'm 16 years of age (had my birthday back in January)
•Currently in 11th grade.
•I'm an aspiring writer.
•I am a mix of Pakistani-Chinese.
•I will ALWAYS love anime/manga/manwha with a burning passion, ESPECIALLY yaoi & yuri. My fave anime is Haruhi Suzumiya and my fave manga is Godchild, but I have many other favourites. :)
•I would not be able to live without music. I enjoy a wide variety--I'll listen to almost any genre and any language. I'm fond of visual kei, synthpop, and symphonic metal.
•I tend to rant, ramble, and bitch quite frequently. Seriously, if you want a ranting/rambling/bitching buddy, look no further.
•I'm bisexual, and LGBT rights are extremely important to me.

※TV shows: Hardcore Dexter fan and forever a Gleek. Also loves Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, The Boondocks, and Asian dramas.
※Movies: Let the Right One In, J-horror, Bollywood movies and foreign cinema in general.
※Music: Gackt, Versailles, Nana Kitade, Aerosmith, Sex Pistols, The Specials, Owl City, Lady Gaga and much more.
※Other interests: Reading, comics, cosplay, crossplay, androgyny, cross-dressing, occult, slash, femmeslash, gothic fiction, The Victorian Era, multiculturalism, psychology, YouTube, TV Tropes, Yahoo! Answers, Asian ball-jointed dolls, drama CDs/audio dramas, gothic lolita fashion, interesting/unique things, being weird.

I absolutely love making friends, so don't hesitate to add me. Comments are much loved. <3

BTW, my journal is full of random rambling, so if you were looking for something incredibly profound, you might be a little disappointed. ^^;;
My journal is friend-locked, so comment here or on my page if you want to be added!

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