Susie (chasingsixam) wrote in add_me,

hello. it's me again.
my friends list has been a little slow lately so i guess it's time to start
looking for some more friends to add to my already wonderful group of lj friends.


i'm 25 years old.
i live in missouri with my boyfriend.
we have 3 beautiful furbabies together.
i also have 2 beautiful furbabies from a previous relationship.
i'm childfree. i don't like them and don't want them.
i work 2 jobs - one involves animals & the other involves computers.
i'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.
i live off gummy bears and strawberry flavored soda.
i'm a bit of a geek & love to play video games.
i love to laugh. little things amuse me, but i get bored pretty easy.
i love people who are witty and sarcastic. they keep me amused.
i'm a little stubborn & can be a handful.
i know what i like & what i don't like, but i'm also indecisive.
i jump into everything without thinking it through first.
i have a very hard time taking anything seriously.
i either have too much time on my hands or never enough.
i'm pro-choice & whatever else you may want to do with your own life.
i'm pretty friendly and easy to get along with.

some things i like
i love to read - especially dean koontz. disney & pixar. local ghost stories.
the paranormal. french fries. sushi. music. daughtry. the fray. nickelback.
chinese food. watching grey's anatomy. world of warcraft. south park. foamy. harry potter.

some things i hate
children. twilight. twitter. vampires. people who update every hour. pepsi.

journal & adding
i update often, but not always every day.
i check my friends list daily & try to comment when i have something to say.
if i don't comment on something, it doesn't mean i didn't read it -
- it just means i couldn't think of anything to say.
i don't think of my friends list as a group of random people -
- i make an honest effort to get to know them as real friends
& i expect the same in return.

i'd like to add people around my own age.
i will add younger people on a trial basis -
- unless you're under 18.

you're free to write about whatever you like -
- however if most of your entries consist of drugs, cutting, & sex , please don't add me.
i don't mind reading about sex, but i don't want to know every graphic detail.
oh, i also don't care how cute your kids are or what silly thing they did.
sorry, i'm just not into kids.

if you think we'd get along, feel free to add me.
please add me and then comment either here or on my friends only post.
i am a little picky about who i add, so i would appreciate if you could tell me at least a little
something about you when you comment.

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