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I'm Abby, twenty-three and mama to my baby girl, who's inching closer to 18 months faster that I'd like. I've been married to her daddy for almost 5 years and we share the house with a shih tzu. I nanny part time for another little girl who's just over one and my baby comes with me. If we're playing the generalization game, I fit into many of the AP slots - extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co sleeping, baby wearing, but I do have my "mainstream" moments. I parent intuitively, and while I have some pretty strong feelings on parenting issues, I try to be gentle about them (and keep my hardcore ranting behind cuts or in my facebook).
I knit and sell things, so there's talk of that in my journal, as well as rambles and complaining about my life.
Leave a comment here or my journal main page - I'd really love to add some other parents and like minds to my friend list.

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