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i like friends

I'm trying to get back into the LJ scene, and I'm finding it a little bit difficult with friends I don't have a whole lot in common with.

- 23, Female, Capricorn, Orlando Florida.
- I like Science Fiction, video games, Fantasy, books, TV, movies, and pretty much anything with robots or dragons in it.
- World of Warcraft, lots of characters both Alliance and Horde.
- I like all kinds of music, including Norwegian polka rock, country, and Korean pop.
- I like some anime, but I'm kinda picky about what I like.
- I like the Food Network and the Travel Channel a lot, the TV is nearly always on one of those two channels.

My journal entries are usually pretty short and sweet, and I'm not really looking for people who necessarily want a lot of comments or a lot of comments for myself. I'll comment on yours if I have something to say, but I'm generally pretty quiet otherwise. Any questions? Feel free to inquire.

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